A Guide to Notices For Landlords

Written By PropertyLoop
March 04, 2021

If you’re a landlord there’s little doubt you’ve heard all about the government’s plan to get rid of Section 21 eviction notices. If you have just finished doing up a rental property and are about to advertise it via an online property agent and are worried about your options which is comes to rights, then here is a comprehensive list of notices and what they do:

Section 8 Notice

A Section 8 is a notice that’s similar to a Section 21, allowing landlords to evict tenants during their tenancy or when it has been breached. This could be due to anti social behaviour, not paying the rent or damage to the property itself. The act itself allows the notice period to be 2 weeks. The government have also stated they will aid landlords who are filing a Section 8 by speeding up the court process when it comes to disputes. A section 8 must contain:

  • Names and addresses of the tenant(s) and landlord
  • The date which it is served
  • A reposession date
  • The grounds on which tenants violated their tenancy
  • The section of the Housing Act invoked

Section 48 Notice

When serving an eviction notice, tenants must be provided with an address to serve notices to the landlord. This doesn’t have to be the landlord’s home address and their name needn’t be disclosed – as long as it is the UK. It can also be the address of the letting agent. Rent cannot be legally demanded from a tenant unless they have the correct name and address to send it to. A section 48 is usually included in a tenancy, but it’s vital that is is filled in if it was not.

Section 3 Notice

If a landlord want to transfer the property to someone else, tenants must be notified. This is the purpose of a Section 3. If it has not be filled in, the old landlord remains liable for any disputes of breaching of the contract. The new landlord could also be fined up to £2,500.

Notice of Entry

If a landlord wants to enter a property whilst tenants are residing there, they must give the tenants 24 hours notice in writing as well as the date and time they wish to enter. Landlords must also furnish the tenant with the exact and legitimate reason they wish to enter, such as a property inspection, repairs or showing around new tenants. This also applies to individuals who enter the priority at the landlord’s request. The property must also only be entered between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Rent Increase Notice

If you’re a landlord who is thinking of increasing the rent in your property, then raising this issue is entirely dependant on the tenancy agreement. In a yearly tenancy, the notice period must be six months. If your tenants pay rent weekly or monthly, at least a month’s notice must be given and both parties must sign off on it.

Section 47

A Section 47 must be filled out when demanding rent or service charges from your tenants. When sending this, you must also provide your details as a landlord, including a name and address in the UK.

Renewal & Non-Renewal Notices

As a tenancy comes to an end, landlords can choose whether to extend it via a renewal notice or to furnish the tenants with a non-renewal notice, terminating the contract. Most assured short-hold tenancies won’t need this. But tenants may wish to stay and agree to a fixed term tenancy in its place.

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