Coping With Noisy Tenants

Written By PropertyLoop
February 17, 2021

If you’re unlucky to enough to have tenants who elicit complaints about noise from neighbours, then it’s within your interest, as the landlord, to do something about it.  

The reason is the complaints could escalate to the extent that the neighbours call in the council who, in turn, issue an anti- social behaviour fixed penalty notice. It would be the tenants who have to pay this, of course, since they are the ones making the noise in the first place. However, it means the address of your property would be ‘noted’ in the council’s records and which may cause you problems in the future – even when those particular tenants have moved out.  

What is ‘Anti-Social’ Noise 

Anti-social noise can vary from music that is playing too loud, regular arguments that result in a ‘shouting match’ and even practising a musical instrument loud enough to disturb the neighbours. Even going out and leaving a barking dog can be annoying enough to the neighbours to cause them to phone the council. 

Of course, the volume of the noise depends on the location of your property. Playing an electric guitar is going to sound much louder to the neighbours if your property is in a tenement building rather than a detached house with a large garden. 

How to Deal With Noisy Tenants 

Noise Clause

You can nip the noise problem in the bud, as it were, by adding in a clause about tenant noise in your Tenancy Agreement. That way, if the tenants do persist in creating unreasonable loud noise which disturbs and causes stress to the neighbours then they can be legally evicted for breaking the Tenancy Agreement.

Talk to Your Tenants

If you haven’t had the foresight to add this clause and find that, several months after moving in, your tenants are already annoying the neighbours with their regular parties and loud music then it’s time for ‘a little guidance.’ Go and talk to your tenants and tell them that you don’t want the neighbours to be distressed and making complaints to the council. 

Advise them to cut back on the parties and, if they are having one, then to let the neighbours know in advance. Ask them to move the speakers away from adjoining walls. If the problem is a dog barking then suggest they might attend some dog training classes (hand them a bit of paper with the name and numbers of local trainers so it’s easy for them to get in touch).  

Being able to resolve the situation with your tenants is so much easier than the hassle of falling out with the neighbours and legal fines. 

Speak to The Neighbours

It might be that you could speak to the neighbours too in an attempt the diffuse the situation. If they know that you are aware of it and trying to stop the noise, then that should make them feel as if something is being done. Leave your name and phone number with them so that they can call you if the noise becomes unreasonable again. 

If you have added the noise clause into the Tenancy Agreement then solving the situation may be as simple as sending your tenants a copy of their Tenancy Agreement with the noise clause highlighted clearly in red. 

If you fail to act on complaints by neighbours and the council about the noise your tenants are causing, then you could be on the end of a fine too. So, it does pay to be on top of this type of anti-social behaviour. Then again, if you have a management company looking after the property for you, then get them to write to your tenants threatening action if the noise doesn’t desist. And soon. 

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