Getting Green: Advice For Tenants

Written By PropertyLoop
March 03, 2021

Getting green and staying green is one of the prime concerns of our age. As a tenant, there are also extra benefits when trying to achieve a higher energy efficiency. Small things make a big difference, no matter how tiny we may feel in the wake of global warming. So, if you’re currently searching for somewhere to live via an online property agent, and you’d like to take a few practical steps towards making your property and life a little greener, then there are a few things to think about which will also help you save money.

You won’t be able to make massive changes to the property itself, and it will already have a Energy Performance Certificate, but when it comes to living a certain kind of lifestyle, it’s the little things that can really make all of the difference – to both the planet and your energy bills.

  1. Stop leaving your lights on. It may sound obvious, but you’re burning energy and wasting money with them switched on in unoccupied rooms.
  2. Use energy-efficient bulbs. They’re available everywhere and they’re very cheap. Plus, with such low wattage they’ll pay for themselves and start saving you cash in no time at all.
  3. Lowering the thermostat by just a few degrees will go an awfully long way towards lowering your bills and energy wastage in both the long and the short term.
  4. Take showers as opposed to baths. You’ll use up to six times less water!
  5. Seal gaps in doors and windows that cause draughts. It’ll keep you warmer and stop energy being burned as your boiler tries to keep a constant temperature throughout the house.
  6. When you’re not using your chargers, unplug them. As you may know, they still draw power when plugged in, even though they may not be charging anything.

7)    Recycling is one of the most coveted topics of our generation. And for good reason! Your rental property will no doubt have a recycling bin, and although it’s a little effort, it’s extremely good for the planet to sort your plastics as well as your general waste. If you have a garden, you may also have a food waste bin. This won’t just mean that you can keep your regular bin from stinking, but that you’ll be able to create compost for the garden!

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