Refusing Entry to a Rental Property

Written By PropertyLoop
March 04, 2021

The question as to whether landlords can freely enter a property whilst the tenants are at home is, nowadays, thankfully regulated. It’s unlikely you’re bound to come home one day to find them sitting on the sofa. But it can and does happen in some instances. If you’d like to get up to speed on when a landlord can and can’t enter your home, particularly if you are a landlord about to list your property via an online property agent, then we suggest a read of our little guide below.

Can a Landlord Enter the Property?

All tenants have the right to privacy and “quiet enjoyment” of their property. A landlord abusing this and entering when they like would breach a tenancy. They can’t just barge in. To gain entry into the property, a landlord must have a valid reason and the tenants themselves must give permission. Also, a landlord must, by law, give 24 hours notice prior to any visit. This can be done via the letting agent, to make sure it’s convenient for everybody.

Why Do Landlords Enter Properties?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why a landlord will want to pop round. This could be for a general inspection, or to service something which has broken. If it’s an urgent repair or a replacement of something, the landlord is legally obliged to get the problem sorted in a reasonable timeframe and to do this they will need access. If there is an emergency such as a burst pipe or a broken boiler, the landlord can enter the property without a tenant’s permission – but it must be an emergency.  

Refusing a Landlord Entry

All tenants are well within their rights to deny a landlord access. However, it is often in their interest to grant them permission to enter in order to rectify any faults within the property. Refusing entry in this case can impact the tenants’ quality of life substantially.


If the current tenancy is coming to an end, it’s doubtless that the landlord will want to conduct viewings in order to get new tenants in as quickly as possible. However, there are rules here too. Landlords must provide tenants with 24 hours written notice and the viewings must be conducted at a reasonable time of the day.

Tenant Landlord Relationships

Regardless of rights, developing a strong relationship with a landlord is of mutual benefit to both parties. As long as both work together and there is a certain amount of give and take as well as compromise, the tenancy should be a smooth one.

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