Health and Safety Tips for Rental Properties

Written By PropertyLoop
February 18, 2021

You’ve decided to enter the rental business and the property looks great. But is it safe? 

Understandably, safety is a major concern for today’s potential renters as they hunt for their new home. And it’s not just the fabric of the building that they will run their eyes over. 

Safety conscious renters will also take a close look at the condition of white goods and gas and electrical power supplies. Entry security doors are another issue; everyone likes to feel secure at home. So, what do landlords have to do to make their property marketable and safe? 

What Safety Checks Do Landlords Need?

For any property to be legally let it must have an up-to-date gas certificate. Legislation demands that annual inspections are carried out by a qualified gas engineer.  

The certificate will only be granted once all the checks meet legally set standards. Those checks include flues and pipework as well as any appliances powered by gas. 

Landlords can avoid the build up of future problems by getting into the habit of organising regular servicing of appliances and replacing those which clearly show signs of wear and tear. 

Good safety habits mean landlords won’t have to run around at the last minute to put in place potentially costly measures to make their properties safe. 

How Do I Secure My Rental Property?

Savvy tenants will take a look at the big picture when hunting for a tenancy, such as the neighbourhood. Some post codes will always be popular for landlords renting out properties – unfortunately these can also prove a magnet for crime. 

By taking some simple steps you can make it tough for criminals to target your property and make tenants feel secure. Entry systems connected to a phone or with a viewer enables the tenant to check on the identity of whoever has pressed the buzzer before allowing them entry. 

As extra lines of defence you can add door chains, bolts to outside doors and locks to windows if they don’t have them already. 

Another technical safety measure is motion sensitive lighting, particularly important if there is a garden area with shrubbery or dark corners providing cover for a would-be intruder. This form of floodlighting is actually less expensive to buy and install than you may think. But, whatever the outlay, it’s an attractive feature for safety conscious tenants coming home at night. 

Alarms will add to the sense of security and deter thieves when they spot them attached to the property. As an added extra piece of security kit, consider putting in a CCTV system. This may sound very high tech and expensive, but installations have become so popular that prices are now very competitive. 

Order them to be installed yourself, with prices coming in at a few hundred pounds, or be understanding if the tenant requests to install a system themselves. After all it’s all about protecting your property and having a happy tenant with a strong feeling of security in their home. 

The bottom line is that both safety and security are twin elements when putting a rented property on the market. 

Offering both are top priorities for tenants, and a good investment for you, the landlord. 

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