How to Find Tenants for Your Rental Property

Written By PropertyLoop
February 12, 2021

Are you a landlord who finds trying to get tenants for your rental property difficult? To learn more about how to find tenants, read on.

Should I Use an Online Letting Agent? 

Most tenants these days go online to find a property to rent. Rightmove and Zoopla are the most popular websites, but local websites for a particular town or city can be useful to find tenants. To advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla you need to get an agent to do it for you. An online agent will do it for a small one-off payment. 

When you go online you have control over the wording of your advert, can upload your own photos, and check views and messages whenever you like. 

It means you don’t need to use a High Street estate agent. You can find tenants without estate agents, who are far more expensive to use than an online agent, and save on the percentage commission of your rental property as well as an upfront fee.

Tips on Advertising Your Rental Property in the UK


Advertise your property around four to six weeks before the new tenants can move in. That gives you plenty of time to find tenants and check references, without having any void periods. If the market where your property is located is pretty much ‘going like a fair’ then it could be that you only need to advertise three weeks in advance. Timing could be everything.


Make sure the description has all the salient points a tenant would want to know. If it’s furnished then say so. Make sure the photos are good and check you aren’t pricing yourself out of the market ie that you’re asking for too high a rent for the location.

Vetting Tenants for a Rental Property  

You may receive a lot of enquiries for your property so you’ll have to start vetting prospective tenants prior to viewing. Good questions to ask include how they will pay the rent (job, savings, guarantor, or any other source) and if they have references from previous landlords. 

Make the Most of Viewings 

Use these as a chance to get to know prospective tenants. You’ll be able to chat with them and this should give you a gut feeling as to whether or not they’ll make good tenants for you. Of course, it also gives them a chance to see if they think they’ll like you as a landlord (as well as your property). 

Referencing Tenants  

Tenant referencing is important. It lets you weed out unsuitable tenants from the off. It also allows you to access Rent Guarantee Insurance. This means you will always have your rent paid, even if you end up with a void period. 

Referencing involves a credit check, employer and previous landlord reference and CCJs or other court information. This should only take up to five days at most. 

Right to Rent Checks 

In England, all tenants must have the Right to Rent ie that they are legally able to. In order to prove this, they must have government papers. You, as a landlord, are required to check these, as well as their passport and other entitlements to work and live in the UK. 


It’s possible some tenants will try to negotiate with you over the rent. It’s up to you if you are prepared to do this. You don’t have to – it’s your property and right now in the UK demand for rental accommodation far outstrips supply. Chances are you will find another tenant who is prepared to pay the advertised rent. If you’ve done your homework properly ie researched rents in the area for similar properties and you are no more expensive, then you will find a tenant without too much bother. 

Next, it’s just a case of getting the Tenancy Agreement drawn up and making sure your gas, electric and EPC certificates are all up-to-date.

Give Your Prospective Tenants a Realistic Virtual Tour With PropertyLoop

Looking for an online property agent you can trust? Then get in touch with the team here at Built by experienced property investors and landlords, the website connects renters and owners directly. Why not sign-up to see it in action?

It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that saves time for both property owners and tenants by eliminating the need for in-person viewings. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to capture a property in the form of a complete 360 degree view, with extremely advanced 3D tours, photos, videos, and floor plans. Our hyper-realistic AI-powered image-processing measures and maps out all aspects of your space. Everything – walls, windows, furniture – is taken into account to create a hyper-realistic 3D model.  

Create a Virtual Viewing as Real & Authentic as In-Person

If you’re wondering how to find tenants, have you tried a virtual viewing? It can completely replace in-person viewings by offering renters a realistic view of your property that makes them feel like they’re there, in person. 

Property Loop shows the home in every possible form so renters get a clear idea of the flow of the space with a combination of verified and highly detailed photos and high-quality video tours. Your worries concerning how to find tenants will be a thing of the past as prospective tenants will be able to virtually enjoy Photorealism Tours of your property that include a dollhouse view, interior view, and floor plan view. They can zoom out to see the entire view of the house in the dollhouse version, click each level in the floor plan view to better understand the space layout, and use their touch screens and mouse to navigate themselves on a guided, interior tour of your house! One of our best features is a dimensionally accurate 3D model that renters can virtually walk through, making virtual viewings a remarkably one-of-a-kind experience!

Our immersive property media package includes 3D Photorealism Tours, Cinematic 4KHD Cinematography, HDR Interior Photography, and 2D/3D floor plans – all of which create an extremely engaging and efficient exhibit for your home. 

The 3D Photorealism Tours measures the space and maps out billions of data points so accurately that it recreates a twin of your house – in digital form! What’s more is that renters feel secure in the knowledge that nothing is ever photo-shopped or touched to offer an authentic virtual viewing. They know that what they’re seeing is what they’re getting.

Our property media package, with advanced technological tools, collectively presents an accurate and holistic view so renters can get to know your property better than even you do. Plus with experienced directing, perfect lighting, and powerful cameras, we present all the right angles that renters look for!

Helps Maintain Social Distancing

How does one find tenants in the challenging pandemic-ravaged times? It’s time to adopt a safe and secure way to conduct home viewings remotely. Besides, it saves unnecessary trips for agents, homeowners, and tenants thereby reducing fuel consumption and more importantly carbon emissions. Property Loop is truly a win-win!

Make an Appointment for 3D Photorealism Tour for Your Tenants

Property Loop is a free platform that only charges a small fee once you get your rent money in. All you have to do is list your rental property and make an appointment for a completely free and accurate 3D digital recreation of it. Soon our team of expert photographers and cameramen will stop by and capture your physical space with accurate measurements and mappings while you sit back and relax … and get ready to lease your rental. 

Please note that safety is our top concern and we take all the necessary precautions pertaining to sanitization and offer a completely contact-free service.

You won’t have to worry about how to find tenants as your property is featured on all major search and comparison portals as well as advertised by Property Loop everywhere else on the Internet.

Now you don’t have to lose sleepless nights over finding good renters since that’s the job of our platform. Receive offers straight to your mailbox and select the renters that are right for your property.  

Other advantages

Need access to the busy London property market? No problem at all! At a nominal fee Property Loop brings to you the London property market at your fingertips with the click of a button, whether you’re a renter or a property owner. 

Both landlords and renters typically find the letting and renting phase to be very stressful, hectic, and challenging as it involves juggling home viewings at different locations, requiring long commutes and wasted time, energy, and fuel. But not anymore – enjoy convenience, ease, and comfort regardless of whether you want to rent or let your home. 

And it’s all available at an extremely reasonable price. Use our price calculator and comparative tool to find out how much you will be paying other agents vs. Property Loop.

Are Your Ready to Let your Rental?

Property owners, it’s time to stop worrying about how to find tenants. Schedule a 3D photography session today and sit back and manage the letting process from the comfort of your home! 

Property Loop is not only an easy-to-access platform but is also the London market specialist with years of experience and unique knowledge. Whatever your needs are, you can always speak to our friendly support staff. Renting property is made as simple as one, two, three … 

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