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Written By PropertyLoop
February 18, 2021

Maintaining your rental property is an important consideration for every landlord. And none more so these days since the introduction of the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act.  

In this article we’ll tell you the best ways of going about it to make sure it’s done properly, and fast: 

Reference Tenants

Not all tenants are equal. Some will treat your home like their own, others won’t respect it at all. You can usually tell on meeting someone for the first time whether or not they’re the ‘careful’ or ‘reckless’ type. So, do always take the time to show prospective tenants around the flat yourself. Gut instinct is a great thing. Don’t just rely on that though – make sure you get references too. 

Get Onto Maintenance Issues Right Away

The sooner you fix a maintenance problem, the less likely it is to get worse. Let your tenants know you would like to hear about any issues right away so you can fix them promptly. Then let them know the best way to contact you about it – whether you give them your private email or the phone number of a letting agent. 

Hang on to Good Tradespeople

A great joiner, plumber, electrician etc are worth their weight in gold. And often it can be like gold to try and book one – plumbers, especially. So, if you do find a tradesperson whose work you like and who is reliable and easy to communicate with, then make a special effort to keep in touch. Even if it’s just a Christmas card every year – make sure you don’t lose their number, and always pay their bill quickly. 

Prime Your Tenants

Get your tenants to help you with seasonal checks by looking to see if the pipes are still lagged before winter and letting you know when paint is peeling etc. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind sending you photos of the damage, promising to get it fixed for them ASAP. And, if your tenant just happens to be a decorator or joiner then why not do them a rent deal whenever they fix something or keep on top of tasks? 

Consider Getting Property Insurance

When you have insurance for your rental property then you don’t have to worry if disaster strikes and the flat gets flooded or the kitchen ceiling falls in because the upstairs neighbour allowed the bath to run over. Instead the insurance company will pay for it all, thanks to those monthly insurance premiums you’ve been keeping up. It can help save you from taking out a huge loan to pay for repairs. And, at the same time it gives you peace of mind, knowing that if the worst happens, you’ll still be able to afford to go on holiday next summer. 

What About Warranties?

Warranties can help extend the life of white and brown goods such as a washing machine and bread maker respectively. That’s because if the items break down while they are still guarantee then the company has to pay to have them fixed. They may even provide you with a replacement if you’ve not had it for long in your rental property.  

A typical warranty can last anything from a year up to five years (you’ll often have to pay more to have the extended warranty, but it’s often worth it – and certainly less hassle if the appliance does break down). 

Of course, if you buy a quality product in the first place you shouldn’t have too much trouble in this regard. It will be far more likely to last the course and need less repairs into the bargain. 

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