Maximise Your Property Viewing Potential

Written By PropertyLoop
February 15, 2021

Most of us love going to view properties – especially if one of them could be our potential new home. If that’s you and you’re in the market for buying then as expert online property agents here at Property Loop we’ve listed a few tips in this article to make sure you maximise your property viewing potential. 

After all, it can be easy to get carried away with the beautiful red glossy Aga in the kitchen to the extent you don’t notice the falling down shelving in the spare room and the damp patch on the kitchen ceiling. And what about that rusty old bed sitting at the bottom of the garden? 

Get Organised

The best way to get around this is to be prepared for your visit. Talk to any online property agent and they’ll advise you to take a notepad and pen with you and jotting down (a) the features you love and (b) what you don’t like. Take a camera with you and take snaps too – it’ll help you differentiate between properties if you’re going to see lots.  

Go prepared with questions to ask too. These could include asking about the neighbours, what the council tax charge is, if it’s a flat then what the service charges are, private maintenance arrangements etc

Be Scrupulous

That means taking nothing at face value – especially if you’re going to view an older property. Ask how old the boiler is; having to fit a new one could cost a couple of thousand pounds. Ask if there have been any damp proofing courses applied to the property, and when. If there has ask to see the certificates.  

Are the white goods included in the sale? You’ll want to know this as a new washing machine, cooker, fridge etc can easily add up to £1000. Also, what’s the storage situation like? Online estate agents advise that many new properties in particular don’t have a lot of storage and that could prove problematic if you happen to be a bit of a hoarder… 

Be Timely

By this we mean, always go and view a property during the day time, if possible. Daylight doesn’t allow cracks and dents etc to be hidden quite as easily as those twilight hours. It means you also get a chance to go and check the outside.  

If you do like the property then visit again at night (or, at least, visit the neighbourhood). That way you can find out if gangs’ hang around, if it’s particularly noisy at night and/or has a sense of menace about it. Similarly, if you’re really keen on it, check out what the area is like during rush hour. Sometimes it takes half an hour just to get to the main road from the estate. Your online estate agent should always point this out. 

Follow the Online Trends 

Many traditional property agents have shifted their business online, so before you make any arrangements it’s worthwhile exploring the property in the digital environment. PropertyLoop – a fast growing online property agent is pioneering this space with outstanding 3D property views, high resolution videos and imagery. On top of that, renters can chat to the landlords directly via the built-in messaging service. Comprehensive property descriptions, amenities and even estimate commute distance will help renters to make a more informed decision. Last but not least, all offers to landlords are also made online, which helps to save everyone time and money.  

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