Moving from One Rental Property to Another

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February 18, 2021

Planning to move from your current rented property to another? There’ll be plenty to keep you occupied then! The best way to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible though is to make up a series of To Do lists – both for before and after your move. Here are our suggests right here:

How Do I Move From One Rental to Another?

Once you’re move has been officially confirmed and you’re ready to set everything in motion, the first thing to do is get all the necessary paperwork together.  

That includes your current Tenancy Agreement, the inventory, deposit protection info and copies of the gas and electric certificates, as well as the EPC. 

You might also have a separate folder of receipts for bills you’ve paid during your tenancy, as well as details of the providers you use, eg for the internet, phone, utilities etc. 

Once you have all this you’ll know when you have to get in touch with your landlord to let him or her know when you’ll be moving out. Make a note of when you need to cancel your providers. You can also do an inventory check yourself so you’ll know if the landlord will be deducting any of your deposit. 

When to Let Your Landlord Know You Are Moving

Sign your new Tenancy Agreement and hand in your notice to your current landlord. Let the providers know that your address is changing. This includes the utility companies, internet provider, phone company, tax people, council, doctor and dentist, employer and DVLA (if you drive). It may seem early to be doing this but, because it can often be quite a hassle, it’s better to do it in stages, spread over a number of weeks. 

While you’re going through your stuff to pack seriously consider what you really need or want to take to your new place, and the stuff you can do without. As regards the latter, take it to a local charity shop or the tip if it’s too big or broken. 

One Month Before Moving

  • Arrange to get a cleaning company in for just before you move out 
  • Organise an inspection day with the landlord 
  • Get a removals firm – or a hire van (if you’re doing it yourself) – all organised 
  • Start saving up large boxes 
  • Pack when you’re not currently using but will need in your new place 
  • Book time off work for the move 

A Fortnight Before Moving

  • Start telling your mates and family your new address 
  • Get someone to look after the dog and cat on moving day 
  • Organise for your mail to be redirected 
  • Start using up food in the cupboards and freezer 

A Week To Go

  • Take photos of the room and any wear and tear or damage caused by yourself 
  • Confirm moving dates with the utility companies  
  • Defrost the freezer 
  • Begin to pack (it’s easier at the other end if you label boxes) 
  • Arrange when you’ll get the keys for your new property 

Day of the Move

  • Before leaving check each room in turn to make sure you’ve left nothing behind 
  • Take a note – and photograph – of the meter readings 
  • Pick up the keys to your new property  
  • Get the moving van 
  • Take meter readings – and photos – in your new place 
  • Check the utilities are all working  


  • Give the keys to your now ex-landlord and ask when your deposit will be returned 
  • Go through the inventory with your new landlord 
  • Ask your new landlord for copies of the gas, electricity and EPC certificates (they should do this anyway but it’s good for your own peace of mind to remind them) 
  • Don’t stop unpacking! 

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