Moving Into a Rented Apartment With Children

Moving home can be a stressful time – even if you’re just heading to the other side of town. But what can really pile stress on top of stress, is moving with kids.  

Regardless of what age they are kids will have their own agenda and demands (even if it’s just to help) when it comes to moving day. They somehow manage to have a great knack of getting under your feet as well. 

And that’s why, here at Property Loop we believe the best way to move with your kids is … well, without the kids. By that we mean, make sure they’re not around when you’re doing the heavy duty packing and making detailed To Do lists. Do the moving when they’re in school or round staying with grandparents etc. And, if you have a dog, put him or her in the kennels for the day. Much better than worrying where he is every time you call him and he doesn’t come running. 

After all, you have enough to worry about with making sure the gas supply is switched off and the meters read, without having to bat off questions about where Teddy is going to sit in the removals van. And, if they’re teenagers, well you’re probably going to have to force them to move out their bedrooms anyway. 

What to Look for in a Family Rental

If you haven’t already chosen where you’re going to move to then here is a quick tips list of what to look out for in your next rental: 

Make sure you get a big enough apartment. Remember it’s not just you and the kids that have to fit in it. There should be enough storage for growing kids too. And what about the dog you promised them when you moved to the new place? 

What is the nearest school like? If the kids are going to the school in the local catchment area then make sure it has good Ofsted ratings. You want them to be in with a chance of a successful future, after all… 

Are there shops around? Or at least a good transport network that will get you quickly to shops, cafes, a leisure centre, the odd restaurant etc? A bonus is if you can find somewhere near parks for the kids too. 

And talking of places to walk… now it’s time to get the dog. We’re assuming you’ve checked beforehand with the landlord that it’s fine to get a little four-legged friend. If it’s a puppy you’re getting watch for him or her chewing the skirting boards – otherwise the cost for replacements is going to come out of your deposit. 

A Week or Two Before You Move

Take a stroll or two around the new neighbourhood with the kids before you move in. Maybe even go for a coffee and ice cream in a local café. That way it’ll become more familiar to them (and you). It won’t therefore seem quite as traumatic when they get there as they’ll see things, and maybe even people, that they recognise. 

Once You’ve Moved All the Stuff

Encourage the kids to unpack the boxes for their own rooms and to set it all out the way they like it. That way they’ll get more of a feel for their new room and, hopefully, the house or apartment in general. 

Once that’s all done order in a family meal. You deserve it. Who wants to be messing around in the kitchen after all that moving? And anyway, there’s all the boxes with cutlery and plates etc still to unpack.

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