Self Storage: A Guide For Landlords

Written By PropertyLoop
March 04, 2021

Self storage is one often overlooked factor which, if approached correctly, means landlords can offer a secure space in which to store old furniture, belongings, bits and bobs, and anything other of the tenants’ goods which would ordinarily clutter up a modest sized property. If you’re a landlord who is looking to rent a property to tenants by advertising it via an online property agent, then self storage is one thing which could substantially tip the balance in your favour.

Why Offer Self Storage?

Whereas some tenants my be practiced in the art of zen and minimalist, the lion’s share aren’t. If your tenants are looking to stay long term, then adding a self storage option to the tenancy via a third party storage company means that they’ll be able to bring all of their belongings with them and not have to worry about space in the property itself. This is especially useful for tenants who work in trades that need a lot of equipment.

As a landlord, self storage can also be a godsend for you. Things go wrong and break from time to time – it’s part and parcel of the business. However, if you’ve got a space filled with all the little bits and bobs you need, then you can just pop over to the other side of town and pick something up. This is particularly handy when it comes to big, bulky items like furniture as well as appliances you may have picked up cheaply beforehand, allowing you to swap them over with minimal fuss or disruption to both parties.

When a tenancy ends and you start actively looking for new tenants, self storage is fabulous for helping you present the property in its best possible light and ready to move into. Having somewhere that you bung all the little (or large!) things that detract from the property’s spacial and aesthetic appeal is worth its weight in gold. It is also very handy for helping store items which can be used in the future.

Most storage facilities are also monitored by CCTV around the clock, meaning you won’t have to worry about the security of your stuff. Even after storing your goods for a long time, they’ll still be in tip top condition – which may not happen if you simply chuck them in an attic or basement.

There are also a plethora of storage unit sizes to choose from, allowing you to pick the exact size that’s relevant to your needs. Best of all, you’re not embroiled in any long term commitment! If the amount of stuff in the unit is starting to dwindle in size, then you can just pack up and cancel the rental.

Just remember that packing up items correctly is of major importance when storing them. Fragile items should be wrapped up to prevent breakages, which can and do happen when moving things. Similarly, wooden items should be given a good wipe down with oil or wax to prevent air and moisture form degrading them over time. Things like sofas or armchairs should be given a plastic protective coating, just to make sure they’re not completely rancid when you decide to pull them out 18 months later!

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