So, You’re Selling Your Home?

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February 15, 2021

There’s a lot involved in selling a house – to the extent it can feel totally overwhelming at times. One way to make the whole process easier though is to sign up with an online property agent who can guide you through from the very start. 

Deciding to Move 

People move for a whole host of reasons. They may be relocating for a new job, for instance, fancy a move to a different part of the country or just want to downsize and use the equity they’ve built up. 

First though, make sure you can afford it. Check how much is left on your mortgage and is there is an early repayment charge. Next, work out how much the move will cost and how much money you’ll have to put aside for marketing your existing property, hiring a solicitor and the removal company etc. An online property agent will work out much less expensive than a high street estate agent when it comes to selling. 

Selling Your Property 

Find an online property agent who is familiar with the area. That way you’ll get a more realistic valuation. Getting the price right is crucial – too high and you won’t get much interest, too low and you could miss out financially. 

You’ll need to pay for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to give potential buyers an idea of how much they can expect to pay in utility costs such as lighting, heating etc. 

If you live in Scotland your EPC will be part of the Home Report. This will also contain a basic survey and a property questionnaire. 

Getting Your Home Ready  

  • It doesn’t cost much – or even take much time – to give your house a good lick of paint (both outside and in). Not when you consider it could mean the difference between selling right away and waiting months for a buyer. Try to keep colours neutral as it’s easier for a potential buyer to picture themselves living there that way. A bright red feature wall, for instance, could detract from their vision! 
  • Obviously declutter. No-one likes mess and it will make your home look and feel smaller. 
  • Use lighting to create an ambient glow and a feeling of cosiness. Light a few scented candles and, if it’s during the day, make the most of the sunlight beaming through the windows. 

You have an offer On Your Property 

Great! You’re almost there. Someone wants to buy your house. Apart from feeling initially flattered and relieved (unless it’s well under-value), you’ll also want to check the price they are offering is what you need. This is where your online property agent comes into his or her own. They will advise you on whether to take the offer or wait for a potentially better one. 

If it’s what you want then you can formally accept the offer and your property will be taken off the market. You’ll need to appoint a conveyancer or solicitor to deal with the legal issues. Your online property agent should be able to put you in touch with someone reliable and competent.  

The sale will legally go through when contracts are exchanged. This can take up to six weeks, during which time a completion date will be set. You’ve finally sold when the keys are handed over to the new householders. 

Moving Day 

Now is your chance to finally declutter. 

The cost of hiring a removal company can vary depending on how much stuff you have and how far you’re going. You can keep costs down though by booking well ahead of time. 

Send over final readings to your utility company, cancel the house insurance and organise to get your mail re-directed (at least until you get the chance to tell everyone you’ve moved). Notify your bank that you’ve moved. 

Say goodbye to your old home! 

Renting Options 

Thinking of renting? Then do a quick property search at Property Loop. We’ll metaphorically take your hand and guide you safely through the process. Our website has been designed to connect renters with the owners directly. We believe that finding property to rent should be a simple and pleasant process taking minutes. Browse through the listings, explore our high-quality imagery and videos – all approved by our trust team, and make offers while on the website. You can even reach out to the owners with your questions. Our built-in messaging tool will help with that. And if you need any help, we are there to support you from start to end.  

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