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Buy-to-letLandlord RegulationsMortgageNew Landlords

A First Time Landlords Guide to Renting

Becoming a landlord can be a difficult process, leaving first time and accidental landlords asking what does a landlord need to do before renting. Understanding how to evaluate a rental opportunity...

March 23, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord Advice

Government Urged to Tackle Rogue Landlords

The National Residential Landlords association has urged the UK government to address its failure to effectively address the impact of rogue landlords across the private rental sector. The governme...

August 25, 2021

Buy-to-letProperty MaintenanceRental property

How to Protect Your Rental Property

It goes without saying that when a landlord enters into a new rental agreement they expect to return to the property come the end of the fixed term, without seeing their investment be left in a sta...

August 18, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Commission Free Renting With PropertyLoop

Traditional high street letting agents and their online counterparts have grown complacent and neglected to change the out-dated practices within the rental industry for decades, but now PropertyLo...

August 13, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Rent Cuts See Landlord Profits Fall

Research carried out by  specialists in savings and lending, Shawbrook Bank have revealed the extent to which payment holidays and rent reductions have impacted rental income over the lockdown...

August 10, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceMortgage

Buy to Let Mortgages Lead the Charge in Energy Efficiency

Recent months have seen renewed belief in the rental market as landlords are now able to take advantage of more buy to let mortgage options since the beginning of the COVID virus outbreak. Consumer...

July 22, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Selling a Rental Property: A Landlord’s Guide

Similarly to finding new tenants, the sale of a rental property is no small feat. Whilst many say that selling a property can easily become one of the more stressful aspects of life here we offer a...

June 14, 2021

Buy-to-letCapital Gains TaxCouncil TaxLandlord AdviceLandlord RegulationsTax

What Taxes Do Landlords Need to Pay?

Whilst there are many variables that will ultimately dictate the amount of tax a landlord will be required to pay, there are also numerous exemptions that rental property owners can take advantage ...

May 04, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord AdviceMortgage

How Much Profit Can You Make From Renting?

Naturally, landlords want to make a return on their rental property investment, but unfortunately it isn’t just as simple as collecting rental payments each month.  Especially ringing true for...

April 29, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLandlord Advice

Choosing Furniture for Your Rental Property

Furnished or unfurnished, both can offer drastically different experiences for landlords and renters alike, but how do you furnish a rental property? We are here to dispel the common misconceptions...

April 14, 2021

Buy-to-letInsuranceLandlord AdviceLandlord Regulations

What Insurance Do You Need as a Landlord?

In many ways landlord insurance policies are not too dissimilar to your everyday home insurance cover; however the important distinction between the two is that landlord insurance is intended to pr...

April 06, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLandlord AdviceNew Landlords

How to Attract Good Tenants to Your Rental Property?

Knowing how to attract good tenants to your rental property is the ambition of many a landlord. After all, having a solid relationship with your tenants could potentially lead to a longer tenancy p...

March 10, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceTips

Self Storage: A Guide For Landlords

Self storage is one often overlooked factor which, if approached correctly, means landlords can offer a secure space in which to store old furniture, belongings, bits and bobs, and anything other o...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLandlord Advice

Retired Renters: A Guide For Landlords

The number of retired renters is, surprisingly, on the rise. If you’re a landlord who is currently putting the finishing touches to a property and is about to list it via an online property agent, ...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceTenant's Rights

Refusing Entry to a Rental Property

The question as to whether landlords can freely enter a property whilst the tenants are at home is, nowadays, thankfully regulated. It’s unlikely you’re bound to come home one day to find them sitt...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsNew Landlords

Buy-To-Let Loans For Auctioned Properties

If you’re looking to make a prudent investment when it comes to property, one very smart way to do it via a property auction. Although this can often net you a steal, the times frames needed to com...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letNew LandlordsTenancy Agreement

Written Tenancies: A Landlord’s Guide

Although it is possible in some cases that a landlord may rent a property verbally and the oral contract for tenanting a property can be legally biding, it is certainly not advisable to do so. As o...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Has My Property Increased In Value? A Landlord’s Guide

Today’s property market can be somewhat unpredictable. During the third quarter of 2017, house prices skyrocketed, with many locations in the North of the country as well as the Midlands increasing...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsNew Landlords

Houses vs. Flats: A Landlord’s Investment Guide

Over recent years, there has been a charted rise in landlords seeking to expand their property portfolios. If you are one of them and you have already listed properties via an online property agent...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceMortgage

Buy To Let Mortgages: A Landlords’s Guide

Over the last few years, and thanks in part to the changing landscape of property investment, the entire market is generating less profit. Despite the role of a landlord being an increasingly tough...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceSub-Letting

Illegal Sublets: What To Look Out For

Over the last few years, websites like Airbnb have given rise to short term rentals, allowing people to let rooms in their properties, or even whole properties for profit. A lot of this is often do...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsNew Landlords

Selective Landlord Licensing Schemes: The Lowdown

There has been astronomical growth within the Private Rental Sector over the last 20 years. One big change that’s been ushered in is the government’s attempt to curb issues like anti social behavio...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceMortgage

Planning Your Buy-to-Let Mortgage

If you’re thinking of investing in property, a buy-to-let mortgage could help give you a substantial return on your investment. However, when choosing both your property and your mortgage, it’s imp...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceLetting Agents

Selling Your Rental Property: Tenanted or Not?

If time has come where you’re thinking of selling your property, it’s important to decide whether you sell it in situ via an online property agent, with your tenants still there, or evict them firs...

March 04, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceNew Landlords

Are New Build Homes Better For Buy-to-Lets?

If you’re a landlord who is scouting for new properties to invest in via an online property agent for a buy-to-let mortgage, then it’s doubtless you’ve considered all the types of house which are a...

March 03, 2021

Buy-to-letEvictionsLandlord Advice

Dealing With Tenant Abandonment

If you are a landlord, the idea of a tenant doing a hop-skip in the middle of the night is an absolute nightmare scenario to consider. If you’re not careful regarding the legalities of such actions...

March 02, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceNew Landlords

A Guide to Becoming a Landlord

 Being a landlord means you can look forward to regular rental payments and impressive capital appreciation over time. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re providing a nice home to y...

February 22, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Tax for Landlords

Landlords are taxed on money they receive in rental income. This means all the money they receive in rental income, not just the profits (ie monthly rental income minus their buy-to-...

February 19, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLandlord Advice

Investing in Property? Read this

Property has always been a good asset class to invest in. Over the long-term it tends to be more profitable than the likes of stocks and shares. As a landlord you’ll receive a monthly income, while...

February 19, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceNew LandlordsTips

What Do New Landlords Need to Know?

Being a landlord involves a lot more than painting your flat every couple of years and checking your tenants pay you on the dot every month. Ah, if only it really were that simple…  No, there’...

February 19, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding Tenants

Why Your Tenants are Older These Days

Have you been fielding enquiries for your rental from a lot of middle-aged potential tenants these days? Certainly, the difficulty with affording property means many older peopl...

February 19, 2021

Buy-to-letNew LandlordsPropertyTips

Finding the Right Buy-to-Let

Before even typing Zoopla or Rightmove in the search engine of your computer, decide who you want to rent your buy to let property to.   For instance, is it a family, students, a you...

February 19, 2021

Buy-to-letNew LandlordsTenant AdviceTips

What Tenants Want in a Rental Property

The private rental market is very vibrant with many potential renters actively looking for their next home.  But this also places a lot of challenges on landlords to ‘...

February 18, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLetting AgentsTips

Why Let Out Your Property Online?

In the dim and not-so-distant past, the only way to let out your property was to put it in the hands of a high street letting agent.   Believe it or not, that was only around a decade ago...

February 18, 2021

Buy-to-letNew BuildProperty Maintenance

Buy to Let: Old or New Property?

So, you’ve decided you definitely want to purchase a buy to let. Good idea – provided you have worked out your sums and already thought carefully about your target market. ...

February 17, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceMortgage

How Buy to Let Mortgages Work

If you want to rent out a property here in the UK then you’ll need to get a buy to let mortgage. It’s as simple – and as basic – as that. &n...

February 17, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord RegulationsMortgage

Changing Your Mortgage to Buy to Let

It may be that you’ve been living in your property for some time and paying off your residential mortgage monthly. Now that you are moving out and want to rent it out, it’s not simply a case of fin...

February 17, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding Tenantsproperty viewings

Virtual Viewings for Tenants

Looking for a rental property in the UK but caught up in coronavirus lockdown? There have been many lockdowns during 2020 and 2021 and depending on when you’re reading this, you...

February 17, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsNew LandlordsTips

What Is the Best Month to Rent Out Your Property

If you’re new to buy to let and keen to rent out your property, should you just go ahead and do it? Or, should you consider whether it might be more opportune to wait a little while?   If...

February 17, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsNew Landlords

Top Tips For Renting Out Your Property

Want to make sure that your property is the one that catches the eye of would-be tenants first?   After all, the longer your buy to let sits on letting agents lists, the less rent you’re ...

February 16, 2021

Buy-to-letLetting AgentsMortgage

How Much Does Buying a Property Cost?

As online property agents we’ve found that buying a home often turns out to be far more expensive than most people budget for. That’s because as well as the ‘big’ costs, such as ongoing m...

February 16, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsTips

Should You Let Your Property Furnished or Unfurnished

Should you rent out your property unfurnished? Or should you pop down to your local Ikea store and do a spot of flat-pack buying?   It’s possible to do either, of course. It’s your p...

February 16, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsRentTips

What Will You Charge for Rent?

Getting the right rental price for your buy-to-let property is crucial. Too high and you won’t attract tenants, resulting in awful void periods; too low and you may not recoup your investment. ...

February 15, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsRenting to Students

All You Need To Know About Student Lets

Letting to students can prove very lucrative these days – especially if you have a house with more than one bedroom. Get the right location ie near a university or college and within walk...

February 15, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsProperty Maintenance

What Do You Need to Get a House Ready to Rent?

Following a number of simple steps will enable every landlord – regardless of whether they are first-timers or even established pros – to get thei...

February 15, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsTips

Maximise Your Property Viewing Potential

Most of us love going to view properties – especially if one of them could be our potential new home. If that’s you and you’re in the market for buying then as expert online property agents here at...

February 15, 2021

Buy-to-letNew BuildUtility Checks

Should You Invest in a New-Build?

When it comes to buying your own property you’re pretty much faced with two choices – a brand new, shiny New Build, or an existing property. The latter may have been refurbished, but the ...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letLetting AgentsRenting to Students

Renting for Millennials and Students

Despite the shutdown of the property market earlier this year, the private rental market is still alive and kicking. And, according to property analysts it looks like it’s going to continue to thri...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord RegulationsNew Landlords

How to Work Out Rental Yield

When considering investing in a buy-to-let, the rental yield for the property is a big consideration. It’s also something your buy-to-let mortgage lender will want to know.   But wha...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord RegulationsNew LandlordsTips

How to Handle a Rent Increase as a Landlord

Rental demand has soared in recent years, thanks to the fact mortgage lenders are asking for so much deposit these days. At the same time, local authority housing stocks are dwindling. What it...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLetting AgentsNew Landlords

How to Find Tenants for Your Rental Property

Are you a landlord who finds trying to get tenants for your rental property difficult? To learn more about how to find tenants, read on. ContentsShould I Use an Online Letting Agent? Tips on A...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsLetting AgentsNew Landlords

Is a High Street or Online Letting Agent Best?

An online letting agent will be less expensive than a High Street agent and, chances are, their marketing will be better too. Then again, some people just feel more confident with face-to-face cont...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceLetting AgentsNew Landlords

How to Choose a Great Letting Agency

If you’re a first-time landlord then it’s natural that, as well as doing your own research, you’d like to think you’d be guided by your letting agent too.   After all, they can help you k...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letLandlord AdviceLondonMortgage

How Much Do Landlords In London Owe Through Borrowing?

Despite a raft of changes to landlord tax relief in recent years, buy to let investing is still alive and kicking. That’s especially the case in some of the UK’s largest cities, such as Manchester,...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letCapital Gains TaxLandlord Regulations

How Does Capital Gains Tax Work on Property?

As a landlord you will gain passive monthly rental income from your buy to let and capital appreciation as the years flit past. And it’s exactly this ca...

February 12, 2021

Buy-to-letInvestorsLondonStamp DutyTips

Best Buy-to-Let Hotspots in London

ContentsWhat Are the Best Areas in London for Property Investors?Canning Town, East London Croydon, South London Hounslow, West London Colindale, North London West Drayton, West...

February 11, 2021

Buy-to-letFinding TenantsHMOLandlordsNew Landlords

What Do I Need to Know Before Becoming a Landlord?

ContentsWhat to Consider Before Becoming a LandlordDo You Need a License to Be a Landlord?Is Landlord Insurance Worth Having?Do I Need a Buy to Let Mortgage?Does the Property Comply With Safety Con...

February 11, 2021

Buy-to-letDepositInsuranceInterest Cover RatioMortgageTips

Securing a Landlord Mortgage

A ‘landlord’ or Buy to Let mortgage differs considerably from a standard residential mortgage. For a start it is more difficult to obtain and, secondly, it will also prove more expensive.   That’s ...

February 11, 2021

BrexitBuy-to-letForeign InvestorsInvestorsLoan-to-ValueLondonMortgageStamp DutyTips

UK Buy to Let Popular for Overseas Buyers

UK property is proving an attractive choice to overseas buyers – thanks to low interest rates and the current Stamp Duty Holiday.   But the clever foreign investors and UK ...

February 11, 2021

Buy-to-letDepositNew TenantsTenancy AgreementTips

Are You Putting Off Tenants With High Upfront Costs?

Naturally, landlords will wish to see maximal rental income to ensure returns on their buy to let investment, however with the private rental sector emerging from the pandemic, leaving thousands of...

February 11, 2021

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