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Log Burners in Rental Properties

Log burners and multi fuel stoves are a lovely, cosy method of providing heating. They’re also extremely contemporary and proving a big ‘must-have’ for many households.   But before ...

February 19, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord Regulations

New Fire Safety Regulations for Landlords

With the act being passed through royal assent back in April 2021, the Fire Safety Act 2021 is looking to bring new reforms to the existing fire regulations, namely the Regulatory Reform (Fire...

August 12, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord AdviceProperty Maintenance

How Do I Make My Rental Property Safe?

As can be expected a significant part of making your rental opportunity more appealing to potential tenants, and upholding your legal obligation as a landlord, is ensuring that your property is saf...

June 23, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord RegulationsProperty MaintenanceTenant's Rights

Asbestos: A Guide For Landlords

Asbestos is every landlord’s nightmare. It’s usually an issue in buildings built before the 1980’s, so if you’re about to invest in an older building, this could well be an extremely dangerous yet ...

March 04, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord AdviceProperty Maintenance

Property Maintenance Throughout The Seasons

An awful lot of work goes into keeping a rental property in good shape. Each and every season has their own set of rules when it comes to upkeep and repairs, making the process an ongoing one. But ...

March 04, 2021

Energy Performance CertificateHealth & SafetyLandlord Regulations

Electrical Checks: A Landlord’s Guide

As of January 14 2020, the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) confirmed – after long setbacks – that mandatory electrical checks on rented properties will com...

March 04, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord AdviceProperty MaintenanceTenant Advice

Who Is Responsible for Pests in a Rented Property?

ContentsAre Pests the Landlord’s Responsibility? My Landlord Wont Get Rid of Mice?   How Much Does the Council Charge for Pest Control? Should Landlords Pay For Pest Control?&nb...

February 19, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord RegulationsTenant's Rights

Am I Responsible if My Tenant Gets Injured?

In the UK a landlord has responsibility for ensuring their rental property is safe and secure to live in.  This means, that should your tenant sustain an injury through your negligence, you co...

February 19, 2021

Health & SafetyLandlord RegulationsProperty Maintenance

Is a Landlord Responsible for Health and Safety?

As of 2020 the average landlord spent almost 30% of their rental income simply maintaining their buy to let investment, amounting to thousands each year to ensure they meet the stringent health and...

February 18, 2021

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