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Can Landlords Charge Extra for Pets?

With under 10% of landlords across the UK opening the doors of their rental opportunity to renters with pets in 2020, it’s no wonder that it can be a struggle to find a home for you and ...

September 10, 2021

Landlord RegulationsPets

Tenant Fees Act Reduced Number of Pet Friendly Rentals

New findings have been unveiled as a report published by the pet charity AdvoCATS has been backed by over 35 members of parliament, alongside numerous landlord associations, pet...

September 06, 2021

PetsTenant's Rights

Hiding Pets From Your Landlord

It’s been said time and time again that England is a nation of animal lovers and with recent research conducted through lockdown showing that the amount of homes within the UK that house a fury fri...

July 13, 2021

Landlord AdviceLandlord RegulationsPets

New Laws for Tenants With Pets

It is no secret that landlords and property owners display reluctance to accept pet owning tenants into their homes. With recent research showing that a mere 7% of landlords offer animal loving ten...

March 26, 2021

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How to Reduce Risks When Renting to Tenants With Pets

In recent years trying to find a great, pet friendly rental property has proven to be extremely difficult. Despite being a nation of pet lovers, with over half of UK adults owning furry friends, th...

March 17, 2021

Landlord RegulationsPetsTenant's Rights

Top Reasons Landlords Should Consider Tenants With Pets

For some time now tenants that wish to rent out a property with their pets have faced incredible difficulty doing so. Not only are the options of possible renting opportunities disproportionately s...

March 16, 2021

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Is It Time to Accept Tenants With Pets?

We’re not advocating all landlords should suddenly start becoming pet lovers, but rather that they might be a little easier on prospective tenants who have a cat, dog, budgie, rabbit, guinea pig et...

February 18, 2021

PetsTenancy AgreementTenant Advice

Can I Rent if I Have a Pet?

Many landlords object to having tenants moving in with pets – especially the larger pets, such as cats, dogs and house rabbits. The reason for this is pretty understandable – cats and dog...

February 18, 2021

Finding TenantsPets

Renting to Pet Owners

Britain is a nation of pet lovers and with lockdown many more of us went out and bought a dog or cat. In fact, even in 2019, a YouGov poll showed that 50% of adults owned a pet. But in stark c...

February 16, 2021

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