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StudentsTenant Advice

Help With Your Student Accommodation Deposit

Many choose to let out their rental property to full time students as it can offer landlords the additional financial security they seek out in every tenancy. Whilst student rentals may be&nbs...

September 09, 2021

New TenantsStudents

Common Problems for Student Renters

For many the move to full time education at university will come with the bold initial steps into the world of living independently and renting your own home. Of course, for the uninitiated the ren...

August 13, 2021

StudentsTenant AdviceTenant's Rights

How Can a Student Rent Privately?

Although there will always be those that choose to begin their search for their new home until just a week before the start of the impending term, this is the less driveable approach. Naturally, th...

August 06, 2021

StudentsTenant Advice

How to Rent as a Student

Although the experience of going to university can be synonymous with living in student halls, many of those that move away for full time education choose to rent privately. Whilst some student cho...

August 05, 2021

StudentsTenant Advice

Student Accommodation or Private Renting

Typically when first moving away for full time education at university, many first years will choose to enter into student halls. It goes without saying that where you decide to leave will largely ...

August 04, 2021

New TenantsStudents

International Students Guide to Renting

Finding the ideal place to rest your head after a day of studies is essential in the university experience. Whilst many will initially dive right into the gamble that can be student halls, many tur...

August 03, 2021

StudentsTenant Advice

Can Students Rent Privately?

Whilst renting to full time students is more commonly associated with student halls or accommodation somewhat associated with the appropriate university, many landlords that offer private rental op...

August 02, 2021

StudentsTenancy AgreementTenant Advice

What Happens if I Can’t Find a Guarantor?

Finding a new home can be a stressful time, seeing renters navigate dozens of rental opportunities, be subject to comprehensive background checks and financial scrutiny, only for the ideal opportun...

May 24, 2021

New TenantsStudentsTenant Advice

Students Guide to Renting

For many students their move to university will be their first venture into the rental market and their initial dive into looking for their ideal accommodation can be an overwhelming affair. Knowin...

April 22, 2021

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