Things to Check When Moving Into a Rented Property

Written By PropertyLoop
March 02, 2021

When it comes to seeking out the perfect home via an online property agent, there’s little doubt that your main concerns are how much it costs, where it’s located and if it’s large enough for your needs. Whilst those should always be your main objectives, there are a few other things worth considering and taking note of, to ensure your time there isn’t marred by bad memories.  

The Landlord

These days, it’s tough for landlords to operate in a way that’s harmful to a tenant’s stay. However, it’s important to meet them and see what the vibe is like. If you’re not particularly comfortable with the impression you’re getting, then it’s always good to trust your gut – particularly as later down the line you’ll doubtless need to rely on them to maintain the property.

Additional Fees

If the landlord starts asking for extra fees, they may well not be within their rights to do so. The Tenant Fees Ban means that many fees charged by landlords in the past are now prohibited. If there’s a charge that you are unsure of, it’s always best to consult your local authority or contact Citizens’ Advice.  


This is actually one of the main points which will help a tenant feel at home in their prospective property. It’s doubtful you’ll be able to change the colour scheme or make amendments to the furnishings, so make sure it’s a place that you feel instantly comfy in. Also, by paying attention to the quality of the decorating, you’ll be able to get a good idea about your landlord and if they care about the property and their tenants, or are just out to make quick cash.  

Gas or Electric?

Gas can be a lot quicker to cook with than electric. If this is the sort of detail which is important to you, then it’s very important to find out what the cooker as well as the heating runs on.  

New Building Or Character Property?

If the place you’re about to move into is brand spanking new, then it may carry a bit of a sterile vibe to it. However, this will fade over time as it gets lived in. The other important thing to consider with a new build is that it will be energy efficient and save you money. There’s also less chance of things going wrong or breaking early in the tenancy.  


If you’re going for an unfurnished place, you’ll be able to make it your own a little more over time. Bear in mind that this can be an expensive endeavour, but conversely, can start out a lot cheaper than a pre-furnished property.  

White goods

Even if your property is unfurnished, a landlord will usually supply white goods such as an oven, a washing machine and a freezer. Always make sure to check what is included with the rental. This way, if you find a kitchen with more amenities somewhere else, it may well be a better deal.  


Many people don’t consider just how important the right amount of light in your property can be. If it’s gloomy, this will really affect your moods in both the long and short term. If it’s south facing, it will automatically attract more light, provided there are no structures blocking it.  

Rooms in an HMO

Within an HMO property, you may get to choose which room you want to sleep in. Try to avoid rooms near to the front door, which can get noisy with all of the comings and goings. Opting for a room near to the property’s rear on the second floor will usually mean it’s a lot quieter.  


Gardens can be tricky. If the property has one, it may require maintenance. Many people really love to do this over sunny days, but if you’ve no experience or desire to get green fingered, then having a garden which needs occasional work may become a bit of a bore.


A balcony is a fabulous feature in any house. If your prospective property has one, you’ll be able to take advantage of it in a myriad of ways. Whether this means getting a last blast of sun with a glass of wine in summer or planting things in pots there, it’ll definitely make a rental property more desirable. However, you will have to factor in cleaning it as part of your chores list.  


Neighbours can be one of the major unsung issues of any property. Of course you can’t go on first impressions alone, but it’s worth checking out twhat they are like. Are they going to be blasting music all day and all night? Or are they going to report you for disturbing the peace whilst having a relaxed drink indoors with friends on a Thursday night?

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