What Tenants Want in a Rental Property

Written By PropertyLoop
February 18, 2021

The private rental market is very vibrant with many potential renters actively looking for their next home. 

But this also places a lot of challenges on landlords to ‘up their game’ and stand out from a crowded market. What features will bring tenants to your door?

An Outdoors Area

A property with a garden would be a big plus for young families who will enjoy the secure outside space for their children. At first this might not have the same appeal for professional couples or flatmates, who might be put off at the thought of grass cutting and pruning. 

But for both sets of tenants the idea of firing up a barbeque or soaking up the rays on a patio or decking could clinch that rental deal. 

Public Transport Nearby 

Access to public transport for non-car households is vital.  If your property is situated in a cosy cul-de-sac, it may look appealing but not so attractive to tenants who have to make the daily commute for work or education. 

Parking Provision 

Think about the type of tenant market you want to target when advertising your property. Parking can be a headache in built-up areas with spaces at a premium. So, properties with driveways or their own specified parking spaces will be highly sought after, especially from households where there is more than one car. 

Good Schools 

Parents will go to great lengths to place their children in schools with excellent standards, and many are prepared to move house to meet the strict local criteria. 

If your property is in the postcode of a highly-rated school it will pay dividends to flag this up when marketing your rental. 

Storage Provision

Storage is a high priority on every renters’ list. For the younger age group be prepared for inspections and questions about wardrobe and cupboard volume. 

Cycling is now a healthy and sustainable, and inexpensive form of transport, so room for a bike or two is another plus point. 

Families will also be drawn to rentals with lofts, particularly for all those toys – both past and present. 

A Pet-Friendly Rental

No-one wants to give up their pet/s when they move home, but some landlords don’t put out the welcome mat for man’s best friend or any other animal. 

In properties where pets are allowed landlords will charge a premium rent but renters who bring their four-legged friends will be happy to pay and are likely to remain for the long-term and keep up-to-date with payments. 

Fast broadband connection 

Fast and efficient broadband is a must for professionals and students and is worth including as part of the rent agreement. Landlords who don’t will lag behind in today’s competitive rental market. 

Modern Appliances

First impressions can make or break renters putting pen to paper, and it would be worthwhile to upgrade white goods such as older cookers and fridges, which should be basic amenities anyway. 

With today’s prices it shouldn’t have to be a big spend, think of it as more of an investment. And that’s another good reason to consider adding other appliances such as microwaves, fridge-freezers and washing machines to your shopping list. 

Nearby Amenities 

Many renters will be keen to check out if there are shopping centres and sports facilities on the doorstep. And areas boasting nearby bars, bistros and clubs, will also attract renters. 

Community Safety

A final question you are likely to be asked is ‘how safe is the neighbourhood?’ Criminals will look on areas with high densities of rented properties as opportunities for theft and break-ins. 

To give your tenants’ peace of mind, and add to the USP of the property, invest in making their home really secure with plenty of locks, motion sensitive floodlight and even CCTV. 

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