When to Advertise Your Rental Property

It’s common to start advertising your property four weeks before your existing tenants move out. Most landlords do. And there is a reason for that. Quite simply, it’s the best time to do it.  

Advertise too late and you’ll end up taking a tenant you wouldn’t have normally just so you don’t have a void period. Too early and tenants will ignore the advert. Why? Because tenants typically start to actively look from one tenancy to the next over a four-week period (despite the fact they may have been sort-of looking for some time).  

If you put your advert on-line sooner the fact they can’t move in within four weeks will put them off and they’ll look for something nearer their moving out date instead. 

Also, adverts which have just been uploaded on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, are the ones most likely to be seen. They are the most recent adverts so get highlighted. An advert that was uploaded six weeks ago won’t just be far down the page of available properties – it will be on another page altogether. One near the back of the listings section and far less likely to get seen by potential tenants. 

As in most things in life there are, however, exceptions to the rule. And we’ve listed some of those right here: 

London Rentals

Property to rent in the capital goes quickly – to the extent turnarounds can actually happen within a matter of days. Yep, that’s how active the London rental market is!

Student Rentals

The same for student accommodation, the nearer term time approaches, the more desperate students become for somewhere to live. Then again, some students like to be organised and get next year’s accommodation sewn up during their third term. If this is your market, you’ll no doubt get a feel for it the longer you operate in it.

Can’t I Just Relist My Property?

It doesn’t make sense to simply advertise a property twice. And there are a whole host of reasons for that. Firstly, because it means you will be paying for the same service twice and, secondly, renters will already have seen it and dismissed it so won’t even bother looking at your property second time around. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. 

Another reason is just because you are relisting the property anew, it doesn’t actually mean that it will be treated by Rightmove or Zoopla as a brand-new rental property. Their system will recognise it as a rental that has already been advertised on their pages and didn’t get any take-up. They will then regard it as a duplicate entry and your original entry will still stand – and will now be even lower down the advertised listing. In other words, there are no second chances in the rental property advertising business! 

Actually, that’s not strictly true. A property portal may bump up an advert if it detects that there has been a big price reduction – and mention this too. But who wants to lose rental income just because they got the timing of their advert wrong?! 

How to List a Property Advert 

Accurate Description

The best way to get your property noticed – and advertised – is to be professional and not mess about with relistings or reductions. Instead, compose a detailed, accurate description with good photographs (get in a professional photographer if necessary). 

Market Rent

Make sure your pricing strategy is right too (remember, pitching the rent too high can be a big turn-off for many tenants).

Right Timing

Overall, the top tip for listing a property though is – to time it right. Advertise four weeks before you want tenants to move in and you’ll hit the nail on the head. Don’t believe us? Go try it for yourself. You may just love the results.

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