Who Makes the Best Tenants?

Should you look for young professionals, students or families for tenants for your just-purchased first buy to let? Well, before you decide, take a read at the following article by one of the team here at Property Loop. 

It’s the opinion of three experienced landlords and which group they believe makes the best tenants: 

Landlord John Laidlaw, of Glasgow prefers students to any other tenant type. Why? These are his reasons: 

  • They are young so see the landlord as an ‘authority figure’ they should respect 
  • They usually have family as a guarantor 
  • They are intelligent so good at communicating what’s wrong maintenance-wise 
  • They’re studying so don’t want any hassle 

Interestingly, the type of tenant John liked least was the one group we at Property Loop would expect most landlord to prefer – the young professional couple. John’s reasons for not wanting them were:  

  • They are usually career-minded and their job can mean moving to a new location 
  • Sometimes the partnership splits up and both move out 
  • They call the landlord for every little maintenance issue (which they could have sorted themselves or got someone in to do) 

Another landlord (or landlady) Joan Bellingham says she prefers young professional couples. Many of our landlords here at Property Loop do. Her reasons are as follows: 

  • If one becomes unemployed, the other can cover the rent until they find another job 
  • Even if both are working it’s easier to manage the rent when it is halved 
  • You have two references to check (ie references for each) which doubles the security for the tenancy 
  • They look after the property well, seeing as their ‘first home’ 
  • They can often afford to get a cleaner in 

Another landlord we spoke to – Julie Black – said she likes renting out her house to families. Her reasoning was that they tend to stay for a number of years (as they want stability for their children). That means no having to look for new tenants every couple of years and less admin to take care of. 

Julie said she has found that cleanliness and tidiness is also important to families, as is the fact the property is hygienic. To this end, she said, they always get in touch straight away if there is a leak or some other maintenance issue that could prove very damaging if left too long. 

Landlord Alex Simpson rents out retirement properties – usually to single individuals. Mature tenants, he said, tend to stay for longer too. “They don’t want the hassle of having to move home every few years,” he said. “Coupled with that, they always pay the rent on time – that’s a big deal to them.” In addition, Alex says he has always found that elderly tenants look after his properties well. 

And finally, landlady Leeanne Duff says she prefers single professions to all other types of tenancy. That’s because they tend to work hard so look forward to their home comforts when at rest. That means an en-suite bathroom, possibly a dishwasher and coffee machine etc. It means being able to charge a higher rent too. 

Other plus points are that they want their home to look nice so will always look after it, and they tend to be quiet (so there is never any problem with the neighbours).  

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