Why Property Photography is Important?

Written By PropertyLoop
February 15, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words according to the saying and, when it comes to property photography, a picture is worth literally tens of thousands of pounds – hundreds of thousands in many cases. So, doesn’t it make sense to get them right from the get-go?  

Thankfully for you, technology has advanced so much, that it’s really not necessary to have professional property photography from a letting agent these days. Smart phones have incredible cameras with excellent clarity and focus. So, all you have to do is learn how to line up a photograph. By that we mean learn what to include in your image and, at the same time, make sure your house is looking spick and span. 

First, here are some Property Loop letting agent photo tips and we’ll go on to look at specific rooms too:  

  • Always take pics in landscape – that way you don’t have to edit them to the property portal. 
  • Split the room into thirds and snap three images, rather than trying to fit the entire room into the one image. 
  • Try and show how much space there is in the room by always including the floor. 
  • What’s the focal point of the room? A lovely fireplace, a gorgeous sofa? Make sure they’re in the image.

Make Your Lounge Look Lovely 

  • If you have large bay windows then a great letting agent trick is to pull up the blinds and/or throw back the curtains. You want to let as much light into the room as possible. 
  • Light up any dark corners with a table lamp or uplighter. This will also help make the room look larger. 
  • Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers for the window sill. 

Clean Up the Kitchen 

  • It should go without saying – put away crockery and cutlery on the dishrack, make sure all counters are wiped clean and put away appliances (to make the worktop look bigger). 
  • Get rid of any dish towels, dish rags and other cleaning stuff. 
  • Take down personal photos, To-do lists (in fact just take down the pin board if you have one) and fridge magnets. Move the dog’s bowl while you’re at it. 


  • Seriously, make the beds with clean sheets. Any letting agent worth their salt will tell you this. 
  • Leave some of the kids’ toys out in their room (it adds colour). Just make sure it’s tidy enough. 
  • Tidy away clutter in the main bedroom – even if it’s just under the bed. 


  • Get clean towels and fold them up nicely. 
  • Make sure any products are tucked away nicely in the bathroom cabinet. 
  • Both the bath and washbasin should be sparkling. 


  • Tidy up the driveway and remove any cars (that way you can see how large it is). 
  • Remove bins, tidy up the garden, mow the grass etc before taking a photo of the front of the house.  
  • Remember to take photos from inside the house looking out to the garden too. 

Ok, that’s it. Now off you go and get snapping! Seriously though, the letting agent team here at Property Loop are always available to give advice. Did you know that we send out professional property photographers with high quality equipment to do all the hard work for you? We are the leading service in the online property visuals in the UK and are adding up great new functionality to our website regularly, giving renters as much decision-making power as possible. We understand that digital presentation is important as never before in this pandemic environment, that’s why our focus is on remote viewings, offers and deal assistance. All you need to do is sign-up for free and list your property with us. We won’t charge you a penny until you start collecting your rent payments.  

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